The Cameras Are Coming. Get Ready.Get Famous.

Fans & Athletes: Show us how you prepare for the game by making a YouTube video for a chance to be featured on News 12 Varsity Network!

Here's how to share your video with News 12 Varsity on YouTube*


The determination to feature your video, or any video, is solely in the discretion of News 12 Varsity. If your video is selected, you will be required to sign and return our standard release form granting us the rights to display the video on our platforms. Please note that any videos you post to Youtube for this purpose are not eligible to counted as part of any content submission incentive program that your school participates in with News 12 Varsity.


Start by saying "My Name is from High School and I get ready for the game by…"


Make it less than 30 seconds long.


Title your video "Getting ready for the game – News 12 Varsity."


Add these tags: News 12 Varsity, Cameras are Coming, High School, Sports, and Game Time.

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* Please create a Gmail or YouTube account if you don't have one.

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